About RJ Hee

RJ Hee have been making Melbourne safe since 1983.

That’s when the Hee family established what has become Melbourne’s most respected name in First Aid and workplace safety.

RJ Hee premium quality supplies and superior service

Since then RJ Hee has become part of The Cato Group, Australian leading workplace safety and First Aid company based in Melbourne. Lifting the standards of health, safety and wellbeing in workplaces large and small drives The Cato Group.

At RJ Hee we value your safety. Our team is here to help you with years of collective experience.

Nobody knows First Aid and Melbourne better than us.

RJ Hee team

Michael Boltman, RJ Hee Director

Pia Abrahams, RJ Hee Creative Director

Janet Ramsdale, RJ Hee Sales Manager

Liza Pickering and Scott Gamble, RJ Hee Territory Managers

Tanya Humphrey, Libby Wright and Michelle Stainforth, RJ Hee First Aid Kit Auditors

Cameron Thorley, RJ Hee Purchasing

Rosanna Black, RJ Hee Customer Service and Accounts Receivable

Andrea McNeil, RJ Hee Accounts Payable 

Dave Blewett, RJ Hee Store Person

Ben Mizzi, RJ Hee Delivery Driver