Cohesive Bandage Blue 5cm 10301032

Cohesive Bandage Blue 5cm 10301032

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How can you ensure your cohesive bandage meet food handling requirements?

Cohesive Bandage Blue is visually detectable blue to meet food handling workplace safety standards for any Melbourne cafe, restaurant or other food processing facility.

This cohesive bandage is perfect for medium dressings where light support or compression is required without the risk of constriction. Its construction of nylon, elastic yarn and latex gives it elasticity and cohesion. It conforms and flexes while protecting bony prominences.

It adheres only to itself, not to skin or clothing. This reduces the risk of irritaiton and allergy.

Easy to tear from the roll to required size. No scissors required.

Cohesive Bandage Directions

  1. Remove cohesive bandage from its individual wrapping.
  2. Wrap bandage according to instructions.
  3. Ensure bandage sufficiently supports vulnerable limb.

Cohesive Bandage Information
For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Contains latex. Size 5cm.

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