Eye Bath Plastic Disposable 10601001

Eye Bath Plastic Disposable 10601001

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Is your plastic eye bath suitable for use with all eye wash solutions?

Eye Bath Plastic Disposable is used to flush foreign bodies from someone’s eye.

This plastic eye bath is suitable for use with all eye wash solutions, ensuring quick and easy treatment of painful eye injury or irritation.

As with any eye treatment or equipment, this eye bath should be disposed of after use. Multiple units should be kept in all First Aid Kits in Melbourne workplaces.

Eye Bath Plastic Disposable Directions

  1. Ensure eye bath packaging is intact before use.
  2. Fill eye bath with saline or clean, cool water.
  3. Tilt head back and towards shoulder. Keep eye open and gently pour solution from inner to outer corner of eye, so that foreign body flushes out towards cheek. Dispose after use.

Eye Bath Plastic Disposable Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.

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