Gauze Swabs Non-Woven 5cm x 5cm (100) 10205022

Gauze Swabs Non-Woven 5cm x 5cm (100) 10205022

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Are you looking for easy and effective wound care?

Gauze Swabs Non-Woven are used to clean wounds and absorb fluids.

These swabs are constructed from a polyester and polythene blend, with four times the absorbency of conventional cotton gauze. This allows for easier and more effective wound care in any Melbourne workplace.

Gauze Swabs Non-Woven are ideal for patient comfort, and come in a bulk pack for better value.

Gauze Swabs Non-Woven Directions

  1. Wearing gloves, remove swab from pack or hygienically clean container.
  2. Use swab to clean wounds, absorb fluids or provide secondary dressing.
  3. Dispose of swab after use.

Gauze Swabs Non-Woven Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Contains viscose, polyester. Latex free. Size 5cm x 5cm.

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