Medical Emergency ID Pouch - Green- Small 11101019

Medical Emergency ID Pouch - Green- Small 11101019

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Do your anaphylactic students have a personal medical bag?

Medical Emergency ID Pouch is an easily identified, personal medical bag for anaphylactic students.

It follows the latest recommendations from ASCIA and The Royal Children’s Hospital regarding anaphylaxis management in Melbourne schools.

The pouch safely fits two adrenaline auto-injectors and is made from high quality neoprene, which is lightweight, buoyant, thermally insulated and heat/water resistant.

It also comes with a carabiner attached to the zip for easy access and portability.

The student’s Emergency ID card slides into the display window for quick identification.

Medical Emergency ID Pouch Directions

  1. Identify student and confirm Medical Emergency ID Pouch is theirs.
  2. Take auto-injector out of Pouch.
  3. Use auto-injector as per product instructions.

Medical Emergency ID Pouch Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.

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