Sharps Container 250ml 11205002

Sharps Container 250ml 11205002

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How would you dispose of sharps in your workplace?

Sharps Container is a safe deposit for infectious needles, syringes and other sharp items.

Sharps Container has a push-down child-proof lid to ensure safe use in schools and at home. The container is made of robust plastic to prevent penetration making it ideal for use in any Melbourne workplace.

Sharps Container is not for recycling or re-use and must be disposed of in accordance with local government regulations. 

 Sharps Container Directions

  1. Place sharps container on flat level surface near sharps item, open child-resistant cap.
  2. Place sharps item, point down, into container then secure the lid.
  3. Dispose the sealed sharps container to comply with local government requirements.
  4. Wash Hands thoroughly.

Sharps Container Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Size 250ml.

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