Splinter Probe Disposable (5) 11101174

Splinter Probe Disposable (5) 11101174

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Have a foreign body stuck under your skin?

Splinter Probe Disposable safely removes foreign bodies from under the skin.

Splinter Probe Disposables are individually sealed in blister packaging ensuring probes remain sterile. Each probe has grips to provide stable handling and includes cap for safe disposal after use. 

Splinter Probe Disposables are single use to eliminate cross contamination and are ideal for use in any Melbourne workplace. 

Splinter Probe Disposable Directions

  1. Remove probe from sterile packaging.
  2. Gently remove foreign body from skin.
  3. Dispose of splinter probe into sharps container. 

Splinter Probe Disposable Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Size sheet of 5.

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